WORLD WAR 2 WORLD WAR 2 SQUADRON GROUP WITH MASCOT Sgt Pocock hold the engineers mascot with a squadron groups for this photo. (72 Sqn). 49234802 CHURCH FENTON 1938 Three 72 Sqn Gladiator pilots at Church Fenton in 1938 (D Foster-Williams). 49234803 A Flt Spitfire Cpl Griffiths and Cpl Stark with Spitfire Mk I SD-F of A Flt. 49234804 CHURCH FENTON 1939 Gillard and Calaghan at Church Fenton 1 Sep 39 (G Gillard). 49234805 ACKLINGTON 1941 Acklington 1941 - L to R: Jim Foot, Johnny Urquhart and Jock. (G Gillard). 49234806 Tom Hughes Spitfire pilot Tom Hughes served in N Africa, Sicily and Italy before becoming POW. Flew two captured Me109's and had to bale out of the second! Only RAF pilot to achieve this feat! Sadly passed away in Dec 2010. 113030102 Gravesend January1942 A group of 72 Sqn pilots at Gravesend in January 1942 (72 Sqn) 187865199 Gravesend 1942 Pilots playing shove ha'penny at Gravesend in January 1942(72 Sqn) 187865200 Gravesend 1942 L to R: Wearner, Booth, Greason, Stone and Liby (72 Sqn) 187865201 Gravesend 1942 Posed photo of a pilot briefing at Gravesend 1942 (72 Sqn) 187865202 Gravesend 1942 Spitfire RN-C force landed at Gravesend in 1942 (Joe Dade). 187865203 Biggin Hill 1942 72 Sqn groundcrew pose with Spitfire 'Basuto'. 187865204 Gravesend 1942 Sqn Ldr Masterman weith Spitfire AA845 'Cynthia' at Gravesend. (Joe Dade). 187865205