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Bomber Brown placed a request for information on the commissioning of the Mutual Support - South Armagh painting and Mike Douglass, who was 2 i/c at the time has come up with the answer:



In the late 80's I was the 2 I/C 72 Sqn and in July of 1989 the Squadron celebrated its 72ndbirthday from the date of its formation.


In 1988 lstarted to seek sponsors in order that this unique occasion would be properlyacknowledged with some form of lasting mementos, My ideas were to commission apainting, that represented how the Squadron currently operated, and a speciallyengraved Wilkinson Sword, all of course subject to funding!


Rolls Royce,Small Engines Division, Leavesden and Westland Helicopters were approached oncewe had identified an artist and likely castings for both articles, For reasonsI can't remember, Rolls Royce got in first and sponsored the painting,(probably because it was cheaper!) leaving Westland's to pick up the bill for theSword.


Both items wereofficially presented to the Squadron at a very large 'bash' sometime in July1989 (sorry - can't remember the exact date), Prints had already been takenfrom the original and some of these were presented to various Officers Messes(Shawbury and Odiham spring to mind) as well as to Westland's. All in all quite a fitting way tomark 72’s 72nd birthday!


Mike Douglass


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