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Dear All,


Received this today.  Is it something we could/should support? My initial response is below the email sent by Mr Ellis.


Yours aye




01 - Your Name<br> = John Ellis

02 - Your Email Address<br> = [email protected]

03 - Let us know your question. <br> = Dear Sirs


Myself and a group of others got together two years ago and formed Bunker13 (RAF Blakelaw Preservation Group). This may not be familiar with you but it will eventually come clear.

We are trying to take over care, restore and eventually open up the former 13 Group Fighter Command HQ Bunker, here in Newcastle. We are a volunteer group going for charity status and we hope to open the bunker up as a place of education for the future generations.


As you may know or not know, 13 Group Fighter Command controlled the fighters during the battle of britain from north east airfields and one of the first squadrons in to a_ction was 72 sqn from acklington.


I would like to ask you if your association would be interested in supporting Bunker 13 on our project to save the fighter command headquarters. If successful we could actually display 72 sqn's history of the battle inside of the bunker as it is also part of the bunker's history too.

In fact it would be a great honour to have your association supporting us and being a vital piece in a huge jigsaw we have to build.


Best Regards


John Ellis (Bunker13)




Dear Mr Ellis,


Many thanks for your message reference plans for the

operations bunker.  I will place the information in our next newsletter

out in December and add it to the news section of our website. Our next

AGM is not till May 2011 but i will raise the issue then.


Yours aye



Tom Docherty


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