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Dave Lloyd
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Jim Barton is trying to obtain three 72 Squadron lapel badges - in the absence of these I have offered to manufacture the items using downloaded images and a bit of jiggery pokery. I have been looking for badges with "72 FIGHTER SQUADRON" - does such a badge exist. Please contact me via Association with any information.


Waddington 1973/74 on the "Tin Triangles". After SOAF posted to 230 Squadron Odiham on the unlovely Pumas, left for 57 Squadron Victor Tankers at "El Adem with grass" ie Marham 1977/78. Returned to Odiham i/c Radio Section ASF then 240 OCU. Managed to squeeze in detachments to SHDNI, Germany and Rhodesia.

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I have a Squadron lapel badge.  It is an enamel copy of the blazer badge.  Doug Griffiths the old Adj sold me mine. 



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