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Can anyone help with information?

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I'm trying to locate any information about a Yank named Paul Clevenger who flew with 72 squadron. He was a great friend. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated. He took flight training in Canada, graduated as a Sgt. Pilot. Shipped to England, his first assignment may not have been with 72, however, his Spitfire was marked RN-L while in the squadron. I remember that he said 72 was part of 13 Group and they got into the end of the Battle of Britain. If this helps, he also mentioned his Spitfire had come from another squadron which may have been marked. "PN-L" . The"P" was crudely changed to an R. I believe he was awarded both the DFC and DSO. At some point he later transferred to the 8th Air Force. The years have faded the information from memory, however, I would imagine that he was posted to 72 late 1940. Most likely Oct/Nov time frame. I remember that he got into the tail end of the battle according to what I remember him saying. He also mentioned that when the 8th Air Force was being formed, he declined to transfer to the Army preferring to remain with the RAF. However, he did eventually transition to the Army Air Corp at some point. Do you have access to information pertaining to RAF pilots be awarded the DFC? Perhaps that might help? I know that's not very much to go on, but perhaps some surviving members of 72 might recognize his photo if you have a way to circulate it. He said the photo was a publicity picture used for showing yanks in the RAF. At some point, he somehow ended up in India, married the daughter of a British Admiral.


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